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What's Old, from 2007, at the Steiner Archive


There are a lot of changes going on around the Steiner Archive: new formats, new links, additional features. Sometimes it's hard to find out just what is going on! Well, here is what you've been looking for — a list of the changes, additions, and coming attractions that occured at the Archive in 2007.

Some 2007 Changes...

. Adolph Arenson's Top 50 Steiner Lecture Cycles has been added to our Basics Section. (as of 11/27/2007):
In 1930 Adolph Arenson published his monumental three-volume concordance titled Ein Führer Durch die Vortragszyklen Rudolf Steiners (1–50) — “A Guide to the Lecture Cycles of Rudolf Steiner (1–50)” (Berlin, Selbstverlag, Not Translated). This work — now out of print and exceedingly rare — is of the greatest aid to the student who can read German. Works presented here are those lecture cycles in the Arenson 1–50 which have been translated into English, together with indication of place and date of delivery. In addition, where the lectures comprising a particular cycle appear in the chronological listing, the cycle number is shown. Many students have found great value in reading the fifty cycles through in consecutive order of the date of delivery.
. GuideStar and Network for Good resources are New. (as of 10/24/2007):
We are now using the GuideStar and the Network for Good non-profit resources to help us with our fundraising. You will notice a new "Donate Now" button on all of our pages in the left-side menu. By using this one resource, Network for Good, you can make single or recurring donations to many worthy organization — Anthroposophically-related or not.
Donate Now using the Network For Good.
. New Servers and a New Home for them! (as of 07/23/2007):
Our servers have moved to a new, secure facility located in Southfield, Michigan ... on top of the main Internet hub for the area. It features all of this and more:
  • a secure environment: guards, carded access, video cameras
  • temperature controlled environment
  • air purification system
  • steady, conditioned power
  • 5 diesel generators for power backup
  • all fiber-optic connections
  • remote reboot and system console display
  • multiple DS3 connections to the Internet
Not only are they protected from the bug-a-boos of the past — power brown-outs and black-outs — but we will be able to access our servers from anywhere in the world! Monitor problems (if any), too!!
All of the new machines are server-class, multi-Xeon CPU computers. We are using redundant disk arrays, as well as 2 additional backup servers. A daily copy of all data is stored off-site. And all servers that we use have the latest, state-of-the-art software installed on them.
We are very happy with the new, secure environment we now have for our computer friends. When they are happy, we will all be happy! Please, see for yourself how fast the connections are: pages load faster and more accurately, searches run faster, database queries are considerably faster ... give it a test drive!
. New SPAMbot control for our eMail forms and our Forums. (as of 05/04/2007):
SPAMbots are programs SPAMmers use to automatically insert messages and/or advertisements into eMail forms or Forums all over the Internet. This can be very disturbing and annoying, as these SPAMs generally come from the Sex industry, though lately they have been advertising Cialis, Viagra and Ringtones!
Fortunately, there is a "cure" for this sickness, and we have incorporated it into all of our eMail forms ... it's in our user Forums, too. It is undetectable by humans and the SPAMbots, and it does not use images or funny looking numbers and letters. It is safe and usable for our visually impaired visitors, too.
. 1,000 (!!) documents on-line! (as of 03/15/2007):
It seems like only yesterday when the e.Librarian started typing Steiner texts. It was – well, it still is – an attempt to create something meaningful for everyone to benefit from ... and now, we have 1,000 (!!) documents on-line! Yes, 1,000 (!!) books, lectures, and articles or essays by Rudolf Steiner! My, how time flies when you're having fun!! And it's fun for everyone.
. The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association has been added to our list of affiliated Anthroposophical organizations. (as of 03/01/2007):
We are proud to announce that the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association is now one of our affiliated Anthroposophical organizations. Along with the Anthroposophical Society in America, The Rudolf Steiner Library, and many others, we hope you will welcome them! So, please spread the word about our Biodynamic friends, and take advantage of all the useful information presented there.
. Anthroposophical Calendar of Events has been added. (as of 01/08/2007):
There are lots of things happening around the world, many of them are Anthroposophically related! So, to help spread the word about these great happenings, we are including a link to the Anthroposophical Society in America's Anthroposophical Activities Calendar in our Left-hand Menu area. Please take advantage of all the useful information presented there.

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