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What's Old, from 1999, at the Steiner Archive


There are a lot of changes going on around the Steiner Archive: new formats, new links, additional features. Sometimes it's hard to find out just what is going on! Well, here is what you've been looking for — a list of the changes, additions, and coming attractions that occured at the Archive in 1999.

Some 1999 Changes...

. Rudolf Steiner Press (as of 11/25/1999)
More changes at the Bookstore! The Rudolf Steiner Press — one of the oldest Anthroposophical publishing companies — has graciously allowed us to offer their books on-line here, at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Currently, this is the only place to order your books, on-line, directly from this great publisher!
. Rudolf Steiner Archive Bookstore (as of 10/27/1999)
The Bookstore has undergone a facelift! We're not just associated with anymore: now we're providing the services of Barnes & Noble, and Powells Books. and Barnes & Noble both have great selections, while Powells deals in used, rare, and out of print books. Check them all out!
. Spiritual Science and Medicine (as of 10/24/1999)
New addition to the Lectures section: Spiritual Science and Medicine has just been added. This is a First Edition book published in 1948. We are using a new format for this lecture series with a lot of search tools. Be sure to let us know what you think before it becomes the standard for all of our lectures.
. e.Surveys and e.Polls (as of 09/08/1999)
Electronic Surveys and Polls: Here are some interesting questions you can "vote" on — and return later to see how your response measures up. New surveys will be popping up regularly, so please come back and register your opinion(s). We'd love to hear about your ideas on this new feature.
. New Forums for the Archive (as of 05/29/1999)
From now on, everyone should use these new forums for any new topics or discussions. You will still be able to reply to messages in this "old" forums, but new postings/subjects should be made to the new! Be sure to read the FAQ at the new site, and make your comments there. Thank you all for using the Forums at the Archive.
. The Story of My Life (unedited) (as of 05/20/1999)
Thanks to efforts of John Penner, we present a preliminary draft of Rudolf Steiner's autobiography "The Story of My Life" — the 1928 edition. This version is preliminary, and John promises to provide an edited and revised edition shortly: check back soon!

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