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(Scene in the Spiritual Realm)

From the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner

A Musical Score
By Adolph Arenson

Adolph Arenson composed the music for Steiner's four Mystery Dramas at the request of Rudolf Steiner himself. We tracked down some of the scores at the Rudolf Steiner Library in Ghent, New York. These manuscripts were very old and in pretty bad shape, but we managed to get some copies made. Note by note they were entered into a music composition system (Sibelius 3.0), and then, using a synthesizer, the score was rendered into a digital MP3 file. We also have print-outs of the pages in the transcribed musical score. Now you can follow-along as you listen to the music!

 Original Score Image Page 1
Page 1 of the Original Music Score
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Special thanks to Kevin Stewart whose musical skills, expertise, and efforts were essential to the presentation of these works.

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Download a compressed archive of all pages in this score (pages are in TIFF format):
ZIP Archive (222K)
TAR Archive (221K)
MP3 Audio file (2,370K)

Transcribed Pages of this Musical Score
Page One
Page 1 of the Musical Score
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Page Two
Page 2 of the Musical Score
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Page Three
Page 3 of the Musical Score
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Page Four
Page 4 of the Musical Score
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Page Five
Page 5 of the Musical Score
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